What Are the Plans?

Published June 15, 2019

Here we are, several months past our projection of opening. So what’s the holdup? There’s a little bit of paperwork to get through along with some physical work. The “To Do” list started as updating a bit of flooring, a splash of paint, and a quick install of a shiny new small batch brew system. So easy! Turns out the reality has been several flooring updates, a tidal wave of paint, some new shelving, dusting, food planning, trash runs, equipment updates, heavy lifting, patching, organizing the brewhouse, overhaul of the walk-in cooler and dry goods storage, and getting the kitchen spotless. We’ll just call the rest elbow grease. SO MUCH ELBOW GREASE!

Make no mistake, the wheels are turning behind the scenes, maybe just not as fast as we had hoped. Once we cross a few more t’s and dot some i’s we will be set to start brewing along with stocking the kitchen to begin the food prep process. Along with those updates, there’s that whole task of getting a staff prepped, signage installed, and filling in those last minute details so that we can open for our first event- a private soft opening exclusive to our Mug Club Members.

We know you can’t wait to see what’s been happening behind the scenes, but trust that we are hard at work getting everything ready for the big day when we open to the public and share this vision with you all.

Cheers To You All and Thank You for supporting Flashback Brewing Company!


Tuesdays: 4 PM - 10 PM
Wednesdays: 4 PM - 10 PM
Thursdays: 4 PM - 10 PM

Fridays: 4 PM - 12 AM
Saturdays: 4 PM - 12 AM

A friendly neighborhood restaurant and small batch brewery located in Watertown, NY.


1309 State St
Watertown, New York