Choosing Mugs

Published June 02, 2019

When setting out to design a membership for our most enthusiastic supporters, it was important to choose rewards that reflect the appreciation and gratitude of Team Flashback. What perks could span the length of an annual membership and manage to express those elements? It started with the selection of just the right mug. That’s right. A mug. Stick with me beer nerds. We know that there is a variety of glassware that suits certain beer styles. And while such things like pilsner, tulip, teku and even dimpled liter mugs associated with Oktoberfest all have their place- nothing suited Flashback Brewing Company more than the solid and reliable stein chosen. It came down to comfort and style the likes you’d expect while entering your home away from home. From the rich black glaze and speckled silver accents to the detailed logo, every single mug was carefully handcrafted to eventually meet the hands of its new owner. Beyond the yearly membership these mugs will transition into your home where you can enjoy coffee, tea, cereal, soup or even those little mug cakes- because these pieces are oven, microwave, and even dishwasher safe. If you wanted you could plant flowers in them, the possibilities are endless.

How do you get your hands on one? That’s just it- the only way to snag yourself this year’s mug is to become a Flashback Brewing Company Mug Club Member. Mugs are exclusive to the club and will not be sold separately from a membership. Want to learn more about the other membership perks? Head over to the Mug Club section. You’ll want to hurry though- supplies are limited and the window to signup will be closed before you know it.

Until next time- cheers!


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